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May 2012

Sit tight, fear not…


Ok…before everyone shoots me down…I know Seagulls are not the most liked birds…

Over the past couple of weeks, out of my office window I’ve sat and watched as a couple of Seagulls have diligently worked at gathering all the components needed to make their nests. Then they spent hour after hour working hard to form this dwelling place.

They knew it was time. It amazed me. I had a fresh revelation of the awesomeness of God and how immense creation is. Birds, animals…they know when it is time to bring forth young, and they prepare themselves. How birds knows to build a nest, lay eggs and then sit faithfully on the eggs until they hatch is incredible.

I was looking forward to seeing baby seagulls appear. In one sweeping moment it was all over. Men appeared on the roof, clearing out the gutters, removing nests from the roof. As the approached the nests outside my window I watched as the seagulls fled from the nest in fear, for the men must have appeared as giants in the eyes of the gulls, leaving them exposed and vulnerable. Those nests and its contents were immediately removed and destroyed.

I wonder how often we behave similarly. In our hearts a dream is birthed, we might labour in prayer to bring it forth, even make practical steps to see it become a reality. We nurture it, give it space to grow, but hold it close in our hearts to keep it protected.

What happens when a giant appears…maybe in the form of fear? Or the voice that says it’s impossible? Does that giant obscure our view of the One who offered the dream to us in the first place? Maybe it parades itself around so dominantly that we abandon hope and flee, leaving behind all that’s forming and coming to life. Yet on its own it cannot stand. A dream cannot become a reality without the dreamer bringing about action. In our fleeing it will not survive.

We are made to sit tight and steady in our heavenly Father. We are called to nurture and feed those God inspired dreams. We may have to sit in the presence of our enemies…but one thing is for sure, we will never be alone and they shall not win. When a giant tries to approach, don’t flee, don’t abandon hope and cast it all aside. Sit up tall, hold on to hope.

The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy…but I (Jesus) have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly. (John 10:10)

The greatness of God is bigger than the giant.

YOU are beautiful…

Yes YOU! You who’s eyes are fixed on this page, you are absolutely beautiful!Image

I am passionate about the cause of beauty…I would give every breath to fight the cause of those bound into an existence that brings about a distorted image.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. A well known saying. One that resonates deep in my soul, to the very core. As I have walked my own journey, discovering the depth, gaining revelation of these very words, I find in me a compassion has been birthed that longs for every soul to know their worth.

To define beauty by one’s appearance, looks and style cheapen’s the work of the Creator Himself. Beauty is the substance of the words spoken by the most renowned artist ever to exist. Beauty is the reflection of  the hands who made the subject, that crafted it into being. Hands that carefully knit each creature, every fibre uniquely positioned. Beauty is the revealing of the One who is life in us, the very breath that is poured out.

When the definition and perception of beauty become distorted, judgement flows first to our own self, then tragically is poured out on those who fall in our gaze. A spirit of comparison destroys the image of beauty, and paves the way for standards that reinforce a skin deep mindset. 

In a society that invests time and money into the “beauty” industry, our eyes can rarely escape the deluge of material that reinforces false standards of beauty.

My own walk from destruction to freedom opened my eyes to more than this world can offer. An encounter with the One who is altogether lovely, with which all else pales in comparison. I look deep into His eyes and see a beauty that none can compare to. The impact of such a moment, imprinted on my heart. Given new eyes, to see from His perspective brings an awakening to beauty all around. All who fall within my vision, I see a glorious masterpiece, formed and fashioned by One who knows no limits.

To deny beauty is to deny the work of the Artist, the Creator.

I conclude, at the hands of God, ugly cannot exist, only a distorted image of beauty.


It’s good to laugh

You know what…sometimes you just gotta laugh…and laugh…and laugh…

No deep and profound words tonight 🙂 It’s time to laugh. Laughter can lift you high above all that’s going on around you. Situations that felt overwhelming, or problems that were heavy, no longer have the presiding power…laughter lifts the spirit, and changes the perspective over the problem.

Try it! It’s so freeing!

Just one thing…


I often go before the teams I work with and share what God has been speaking to me about…many times it’s one of three things

As I’d get up and say “God’s been speaking to me about love” I’d wonder if they think that’s all He ever talks about!!! One day I asked God why love, why not some other deep, profound subject! (I think I can hear God laugh at the thought!)…and then I heard Him say, “because I AM Love”…

If Love is all He ever talks to me about…awesome…
If Love is all I ever hear about…amazing….
If Love is all I know…wow…

I am nothing without Love…I can do nothing without Love…

I’m hungry for His Love
I long to put my roots deep down in His Love
I want my life to be His love story.


Full…yet hungry…

My heart is wrecked, torn apart by Love itself. Fighting daily the battle of being content today whilst hungering for more.

A state of being satisfied yet longing, full yet hungry. Walking a path of knowing that if this is all God has for the rest of my life, then great for I am SO blessed, SO loved…yet I find myself crying out that there must be more. I’m so hungry for more, I feel the weight of worlds within me, and I yearn to go deeper. I fall at the feet on the One who holds it all, where my heart can be poured out and tears spilled in wreckless abandonment to the One who already gave it all.

Recently I feel that hand of Jesus reaching deep inside, unlocking parts of my being, showing my the hidden parts…places I never knew existed.

A hunger has been awakened in me for so much more. I feel the yearning of Holy Spirit pulling, the jealousy of my Papa who longs to have me to Himself, and oh how I long for His presence. There’s no greater place than to be with Him, nothing else can satisfy like He does. I can feel the delight pouring out of His heart into mine…HE loves me…He LOVES me…He loves ME!! HE LOVES ME!!!

There’s no place I’d rather be than in the presence of Love Himself. That’s the place of fulfillment, where my heart is content and joy freely flows. I’m a Daddy’s girl, safe in His arms…but in that place comes strength for battle.

Where my heart is one with His, all else fades away – nothing can get in the way – together there will be great exploits for His kingdom.

THIS is perfect love – two hearts joined as one. In that state fear will flee for it cannot tear apart what God has joined. May my heart be forever joined to the One who is Love Himself – the God of completion.




Love’s Essence

When the essence of Christ, the very being of God, enters deep into the core of our being, all else pales in comparison. This essence is love, love in its truest, purest form, for God is Love. Everything about Him is love. A love that words can’t describe, greater and more intricate than anything this world can offer.

It’s a love that wants to penetrate our hearts until it reaches the core, the centre, the inner most place…the place where the roots of our being are planted.

If this pure, unadulterated, indescribable , life giving love can reach my innermost parts, then the roots of my being will feed on it. My spirit will be fed from this place, and this will filter through to my soul and will eventually be channelled through to my flesh.

If the roots of my being are feeding on Love (on God Himself), then every fibre of my being will be impacted …my essence will resemble Him.

The longing of my heart is to look like Jesus. Face down at His feet I weep, with the realisation I am nothing. Many days I feel just like dust of the earth that I am…scum…no better than anyone else, and my heart connects with Paul as he cried out “O wretched man that I am”. In that beautiful place (yes…I said beautiful…albeit it painful!)…I see the glorious love of Jesus flowing down to fill my being, to cover my heart, to heal my wounds and to bring life.

This is the essence of Love. This is the abounding Love of Jesus. It knows no end.

And so the journey begins…

Welcome to my journey. A place often splashed privately across the pages of my journal. Here I will share my heart, spill out daily ponderings that capture my thoughts and fill my time. As I venture out onto a new journey, exploring wonders of old and how they impact today’s footsteps, I hope you’ll sit and muse with me.


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