When the essence of Christ, the very being of God, enters deep into the core of our being, all else pales in comparison. This essence is love, love in its truest, purest form, for God is Love. Everything about Him is love. A love that words can’t describe, greater and more intricate than anything this world can offer.

It’s a love that wants to penetrate our hearts until it reaches the core, the centre, the inner most place…the place where the roots of our being are planted.

If this pure, unadulterated, indescribable , life giving love can reach my innermost parts, then the roots of my being will feed on it. My spirit will be fed from this place, and this will filter through to my soul and will eventually be channelled through to my flesh.

If the roots of my being are feeding on Love (on God Himself), then every fibre of my being will be impacted …my essence will resemble Him.

The longing of my heart is to look like Jesus. Face down at His feet I weep, with the realisation I am nothing. Many days I feel just like dust of the earth that I am…scum…no better than anyone else, and my heart connects with Paul as he cried out “O wretched man that I am”. In that beautiful place (yes…I said beautiful…albeit it painful!)…I see the glorious love of Jesus flowing down to fill my being, to cover my heart, to heal my wounds and to bring life.

This is the essence of Love. This is the abounding Love of Jesus. It knows no end.