My heart is wrecked, torn apart by Love itself. Fighting daily the battle of being content today whilst hungering for more.

A state of being satisfied yet longing, full yet hungry. Walking a path of knowing that if this is all God has for the rest of my life, then great for I am SO blessed, SO loved…yet I find myself crying out that there must be more. I’m so hungry for more, I feel the weight of worlds within me, and I yearn to go deeper. I fall at the feet on the One who holds it all, where my heart can be poured out and tears spilled in wreckless abandonment to the One who already gave it all.

Recently I feel that hand of Jesus reaching deep inside, unlocking parts of my being, showing my the hidden parts…places I never knew existed.

A hunger has been awakened in me for so much more. I feel the yearning of Holy Spirit pulling, the jealousy of my Papa who longs to have me to Himself, and oh how I long for His presence. There’s no greater place than to be with Him, nothing else can satisfy like He does. I can feel the delight pouring out of His heart into mine…HE loves me…He LOVES me…He loves ME!! HE LOVES ME!!!

There’s no place I’d rather be than in the presence of Love Himself. That’s the place of fulfillment, where my heart is content and joy freely flows. I’m a Daddy’s girl, safe in His arms…but in that place comes strength for battle.

Where my heart is one with His, all else fades away – nothing can get in the way – together there will be great exploits for His kingdom.

THIS is perfect love – two hearts joined as one. In that state fear will flee for it cannot tear apart what God has joined. May my heart be forever joined to the One who is Love Himself – the God of completion.