Ok…before everyone shoots me down…I know Seagulls are not the most liked birds…

Over the past couple of weeks, out of my office window I’ve sat and watched as a couple of Seagulls have diligently worked at gathering all the components needed to make their nests. Then they spent hour after hour working hard to form this dwelling place.

They knew it was time. It amazed me. I had a fresh revelation of the awesomeness of God and how immense creation is. Birds, animals…they know when it is time to bring forth young, and they prepare themselves. How birds knows to build a nest, lay eggs and then sit faithfully on the eggs until they hatch is incredible.

I was looking forward to seeing baby seagulls appear. In one sweeping moment it was all over. Men appeared on the roof, clearing out the gutters, removing nests from the roof. As the approached the nests outside my window I watched as the seagulls fled from the nest in fear, for the men must have appeared as giants in the eyes of the gulls, leaving them exposed and vulnerable. Those nests and its contents were immediately removed and destroyed.

I wonder how often we behave similarly. In our hearts a dream is birthed, we might labour in prayer to bring it forth, even make practical steps to see it become a reality. We nurture it, give it space to grow, but hold it close in our hearts to keep it protected.

What happens when a giant appears…maybe in the form of fear? Or the voice that says it’s impossible? Does that giant obscure our view of the One who offered the dream to us in the first place? Maybe it parades itself around so dominantly that we abandon hope and flee, leaving behind all that’s forming and coming to life. Yet on its own it cannot stand. A dream cannot become a reality without the dreamer bringing about action. In our fleeing it will not survive.

We are made to sit tight and steady in our heavenly Father. We are called to nurture and feed those God inspired dreams. We may have to sit in the presence of our enemies…but one thing is for sure, we will never be alone and they shall not win. When a giant tries to approach, don’t flee, don’t abandon hope and cast it all aside. Sit up tall, hold on to hope.

The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy…but I (Jesus) have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly. (John 10:10)

The greatness of God is bigger than the giant.