This famous quote, taken from Oliver, has been stirring in my heart tonight leading me on a journey into God’s heart.

Oliver, an orphaned boy who’s been taken into a local workhouse, approached the master one night with fear and trembling to dare to ask for more. In the face of adversity he sought to find more to fill that hungry tummy. Met with disapproval he found himself rejected again and sold into the hands of those who also have no care for his precious life.

I wonder how often our approach to God is similar to that of Oliver. We approach the throne of grace in fear and trembling, hesitantly asking God for more…more grace, more love, more mercy, more provision, more more more…quickly retreating away before He can answer. Or maybe we come with our heads held low, afraid to look into His eyes – afraid of what He might see, convinced that we’ll be met with disapproval.

How thankful I am that when we approach the throne of God to ask for more that we aren’t rebuked, turned away or met with a fear inducing gaze. 

We have a great and loving Father who longs for us to boldly approach Him, to seek Him out in order to receive more. Not because He has deliberately withheld from us, but more often because we have not had the capacity to receive all that He longs to lavish upon us.

“For the Lord God is a Sun and Shield; the Lord bestows [present] grace and favour and [future] glory (honour, splendour, and heavenly bliss)! No good thing will He withhold from those who walk uprightly.”Psalm 84:11

NO good things will He withhold – what an assurance! I used to think that to walk uprightly meant to walk perfectly, following all the rules, without making mistake. This kind of thinking brings an attachment to fear, living under the constraints of condemnation from never reaching the mark, meaning that God could never lavish his good things upon my life. What a lie of the enemy.

The Hebrew meaning of the word “upright” refers to a wholeness, a completion. It says this word describes our entire relationship with God. 

When we walk in a full, whole and healthy relationship with our Father there will be nothing within us that is odious (offensive) to Him. In that place of WHOLENESS God is able to release to us the fullness of all He desires to lavish upon us. Our heart is positioned to receive, we know our place as sons and daughters to boldly come. 

An orphan spirit is another hindrance to our coming boldly before our Father to receive from Him. Years of rejection, yielding to doubt and insecurity, build a wall that obstructs our view of God. The lies shout louder than truth, telling us we could never access that place in His heart, never receive as true children do. Children who know their place within their family unit have no fear in making demands from their parents – they boldly ask for more, and they will ask until they receive! In the same way we can boldly approach Daddy God, with full expectancy that He will meet us with open arms.

Align your heart with His, open your arms wide and come boldly and confidently before His throne. Let your hearts be enlarged to the things of God, be expectant for more.