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September 2015

Give me…

This has always been my prayer…

Give me your eyes to see as you do
To see the beauty in any who pass me by 
To see the work of your hand in all creation
To see the goodness in all when only evil appears
To see with love all your children you desperately want home
To see the pain in their hearts from years of abuse
To see the hungry and hurting, to hold their pain
To see the world as you do, through your eyes of love


Give me your love, to fill my heart
To stand strong in my image as your precious girl
To share with the billions whose pain is so deep
To comfort the lost when they can’t see the way
To be gentle and kind to all that I meet
To pray for the ones I never will see
To carry your burden for this dying world
To pour out your love with no selfish desire


Give me your ears to hear your Word
To take it inside, engraved on my heart
To feed me and strengthen me ready to go
To share with those blinded to the truth
To hear the cry of the broken and see them restored
To hear the words you whisper for the hearts of others
To know the truth you speak to impart to all
To listen far more than I ever will speak


Give me your hands ready for work
To minister touch where abandonment rules
To lay hands on the sick and see them healed
To hold the unloveable like never before
To build your kingdom, whatever the cost
To lift to you when all strength is gone
To take the hands of the fearful and lead them forward
To never let go of all that you give


Give me your feet ready to walk 
To go where you call and never look back
To turn from all evil and and follow your steps
To climb any mountain or tread any valley
To run the race without giving up
To step out for those who can’t do it alone
To shake off the dust and always keep moving
To take your name to all the earth


Give me your all, hold nothing back
I’ll go all the way, whatever the cost 
Take all of me, and use me God
This life is all yours, it’s the only way

Break my heart for what breaks Yours…

The situation with all the migrants often goes way over my head as I find it difficult to follow all the politics of the different crisies in various countries – I turn the news on, or go to a news website and see horror after horror, trauma after trauma – and I confess that I often turn it off, overwhelmed at the level of pain and destruction at occurs while I feel so helpless to respond from my safe and comfortable life…

When the picture of 3 year old Alyan took over every screen this week I admit my first response was to avoid this story at all costs – it was too much – I did this for a couple of days until I could avoid it no longer. I stopped and allowed my heart to be moved…broken…disturbed…angry… I let the cry rise up within. Me for this little boys life and his brother and mother who also died in their desperate plight to escape the terror of war – 3 precious lives lost – just 3 of many who no doubt go unmentioned, unnamed. But it’s 3 too many. 

Innocent people caught up in terror or war – victims simply because of the country they were born in to.

It’s easy to turn aside, casting responsibility on to those in other nations, leaving decisions to those leading…maybe we’re quick to have an opinion or to cast a sweeping statement….or to simply deny the problem because it has no direct impact on our day to day life.

I wonder how many times I’ve sung the words “break my heart for what breaks yours”, or prayed “I’ll do anything…go anywhere…” And then sat back and waited for a clear sign on what to do…

The truth is…it’s my choice…I have to be proactive in my response, in my actions…there’s always something that can be done.

I want my eyes to see the plight of the people…I want my heart to break for them…to be stirred to action. I may not be able to “go”…but there’s plenty I can do…starting with being a voice…before people and before God.

Whatever you do…do something… 

Refugee crisis : an urgent call to action from Home for Good on Vimeo.


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