I’m not one for making resolutions…mainly because I know my inconsistent lifestyle consistently breaks them!

This year I entered 2016 with a silent resolve in my heart…purpose…intentionality…consistency… Just three of the words I’m holding on to every day.

Dreams…hopes…desires…we all have them…even if we don’t acknowledge them or lock them away in a mode of denial, because it’s too painful to think about what could be that might never be. I’ve done it for so long, thought about the “one day” and the “if only”, and then allowed the constant busyness of day to day life to consume me and distract me.

This year I’m living with intentionality. No longer waiting for the “one day” dreams to magically occur and fall in my lap…instead purposefully making decisions to see things happen. I’m expectant…I’m believing…I’m ready! 

2015 – you’ve shaped me for more, and I’m going after it with everything in me!