No deep meaningful post today…it’s all about the Chai Lattes! 

Picture the scene… You wander into Starbucks, place your order and wait for the dreaded question “your name please?” … You give your name…the barista asks you to repeat…you do so, they repeat it back and write it down… Relief, they pronounced it right…there’s hope. Minutes later you hear the call…”skinny chai latte for Saroorf”… Pause… All eyes turn to you as you quickly accept the drink and walk away! 
A common occurrence, apart from in my local Starbucks where they know my name (yay Folkestone!)! (I drink way too much Starbucks!)

But…it has to be said…I am thankful it’s not my job to write names on the cup! Lots of people send me videos and links about names being spelt wrong on purpose… I think it’s more like, take an order, take payment, take the name, process all three (plus more!!) while continuing polite conversation with customer – and try to get it all correct! Recipe for disaster, unless you’re crazy gifted in multitasking! I’m amazed the names make it on the cup!

I embrace my many names, and wait with anticipation to see how many more variations there might be… Here’s just a few…