I admit…after a fairly crazy week all I wanted to do tonight was come home, put comfy clothes on, shut the world out, eat copious amounts of chocolate and zone out to a film…

This almost happened…

Scanning through Netflix in the hope of meaningless comedy, I came across Girl Rising.

I didn’t really know what I was about to watch. I’m still processing it.

The horrors of what it’s like to be a young girl in some cultures astounds me. 

Kamlari – what was a traditional system of bonded labour in Nepal (now supposeadly abolished) meant girls, so young, effectively sold as slaves to another family. Working from 4am till late in the night, carrying out an exhaustive list of tasks that I would struggle to fulfill…let alone a 5 year old. 

Every day at work I read stories of young people who face challenge and adversity. I’m no stranger to accounts of abuse and suffering, challenges that have prevented our country’s youth from reaching their potential…

It’s not that I’m unaware of the reality of these atrocities occurring, either on my doorstep or in cultures across the world…but it’s easy to switch off from it. 

But…when you watch this film…you can’t switch off from the truth…the impact…the widespread need. 

The need for freedom
The need for equality
The need for justice
The need for education

Education empowers… It brings change. It equips a generation to live, thrive and rise up further than the previous generation.

Educated girls are a powerful force for change” (Girl Rising)  … the sad fact is, millions of girls are not accessing education. A fact that I’m not unaware of. What I often don’t stop to think about is what is happening in place of education.

Child marriage
Slave labour


But what also never fails to astound me more…
Inner strength.

How these individual girls had an inner resolve to push through any barrier put before them to overcome and succeed…against all odds.

“I vowed that night I would find a way not only to endure…but to prevail” Amina – 11yr old Afghan girl on her wedding night.

Don’t tell me you’re on my side, your silence has already spoken for you” Amina

If you havent seen this documentary, I recommend it. 

Let’s use our voice…
To speak out…
To raise awareness…
To contribute to change…

One life changed can impact many…