When I hear someone say they’re not creative, my heart beats faster as I long to remove the veil that has covered their eyes causing them to believe this lie
Creativity goes far beyond the ability to paint a beautiful mural or piece together notes to form a perfect sounding symphony…
Creativity is the wildness of our imagination being free to dream
Everyday is a blank canvas and we have the opportunity to transcend above tradition, to break the rules and colour outside the lines…
I love this manifesto written by mcSquares … a small team of designers who believe everyone has the ability to be creative…

You. Are. Creative.

But Creative Genius does not always get a voice.

The world fills our heads with the self-doubt lines we color within and society ridicules those who venture outside of the boundaries.

We blame our grey-toned surroundings on the false belief that we. are. not. creative.

We tolerate dull because it is less messy and silence our imagination because it feels safe.

But when have well behaved people ever made history?

The people we admire, The Crazy Ones who believe they can change the world,
are individuals who choose to exercise their intellect, intuition and taste.
They choose to ignore the naysayers.

They value failure more than they celebrate success.

They conquer the self-doubt to pursue the passions that feed their soul.

There are people in the world who think like you think, believe what you believe

Find. Those. People.

And collaborate together to create something AMAZING.

There’s a voice inside compelling you to be creative.

Listen to that voice


What can you create today?